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Welcome to Trong An Website

Being established from a production enterprise in traditional villages, Trong An Co., ltd is a manufacturer and an exporter of furniture, traditional products, garment and cushion.
We are proud of our skilled workers and staff who are creating the products’ typical feature. This is our strength to boost exporting to the market of Japan, US, Korea, Rumania, EU for years.
Moreover, we always focus on equipping employers with skills and knowledge necessary for their job and sense of service. Besides, we have been making a considerable investment to improve production capacity, technology innovation aiming at increasing competitive ability, being ready to meet the increasing demand about design, products’ feature.

As a fast growing company in the field of traditional products in terms of plastic-artificial rattan, we dignify the rule of innovation and development.
Our products are designed and manufactured for specific market segments including wholesale and projects’ demand. We have enough necessary experience to provide products to our customers quickly and successfully.
Our facilities are mainly located in Dong Nai Province, where is considered a small scale industry village manufacturing bamboo and rattan knitted products. In here, we always have the greatest support of material and human resources needed for your all orders.
We always try our best to supply you with high standard products, reasonable and flexible price and prompt delivery. When you place an order, you absolutely see that we are your trusty business partner.

Trong An Co., Ltd.
Address: No 100, Phi Truong Road, Tan Phong Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province.
Tel/Fax: 0616293953 
Website: www.trongan.com.vn
Skype: Kn-TrongAn
Hotline: 0915488898